Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Pil-oga-robic welcomes me!

I am writing with exciting news that I am teaching on the schedule at an amazing studio in Portland, OR. They are offering a unique variety of fusion style fitness classes combined with mindfulness and relaxation.  What a true blessing.  I am offering yoga classes of various styles, a new original class Hi-Fi Fusion, privates instruction for any size group and Pranassage


Hi-Fi Fusion

Check out this super awesome and fun class!
This class exemplifies the best quality of movement your body has. Combing a steady paced, fun  warm-up, with a high intensity (at your own level of course) dynamic interval workout, using various equipment and our own bodies as weights, and finishing by massaging the body from the inside-out, with slow, fluid movements to cool the body, moving into some long holding yin postures. The breath and focused control between movements will be the emphasis of our practice.  This is a well-round full body/mind workout sure to make the best of your day.  It is a fast paced class but modifications available for all levels. Come as your are!