Actualize your dreams through creative movement, mindful thinking & everyday ritual

Why Mind Body Coaching With Mary?

1)  Individualized life and wellness programs with one coach.

2) Measure your success with joy.  Find out what brings you tangible happiness and how we can make that the goal of all you do. Understand that your capacity for happiness is here and now by aligning with and understanding how your thoughts work.

3) Coach/client collaboration, you don’t have to do this alone. Tap into your highest self so the path laid is made from a place that will serve your ultimate potential, your true desires and what motivates you. 

4) This isn't just about meeting goals and end results, this is about sustainability.  Gain the tools to use through life’s changes and challenges.  You will  know where your center is and can find your way back there with ease and in control no matter what the circumstance is.

Finally say to yourself, I did this for you…