Self observation without judgment is the highest form of practice.
— Swami Kripalu

Everything is changing, always.  So too are my deep heartfelt offerings to my self, my community and my clients. There is a stirring in the earth that is as old as our souls, and it is making it's way to the surface of our time and space in this current realm.  It is a calling for a deeper understanding of what is missing from our lives, that little piece at the end of the day that you want to fill with something, but you just don't know what.  It is an opportunity to remember, a call home to the original Mother, a look into the heart of the universe or the mystical awes we encounter daily but keep at a distance.  This shifting is a rediscovery of our truest essence.  A touch of a hand to the earth, a stomping of our feet that moves our body in rhythm to the pulse of the universe, a joyful expression of sound vibration that ripples through ever object on land, sea and beyond.  This, and all that is seen and unseen is the magic you and I were born to discover.  It all started with one breath and there it will end.  

Move with me, sit in silence, stare deep into the full moon as we uncover, in every moment what it means to us.  How can our hearts deepest joy be claimed and make everyday a ritual, make every moment an alter and every thought a prayer?  Together.  You are not alone.  We are alive, awake and remembering.  We are reclaiming our birthright to live from the land through our bodies and to do it with so much abundance that our cups overflow to our neighbors with ease and nothing but... unconditional love.  Come take the ride with me, play in the dirt, barefoot under the stars in deep devotion to the Mother, our guides and one another.     

This year, after much deep exploration about what was resonating with me professionally and with my clients, I decided to offer my services using the title of Mind-Body Coach. I have honed in on my fifteen plus years of deep self study, with a background in human development and over 15 years of experience in yoga instruction, personal training and one on one client sessions, it was finally the perfect fit of my services . There are so many coaching titles one can take, but Mind-Body Coach really exemplifies what I offer my clients, the ability to actualize their dreams, understand that all emotions are sacred and our bodies are a gift.  Everything we think and feel affects every part of our life and being.  We are doing a disservice to ourselves if we don't use tactics that involve proprioception of the whole self.  This includes mind, body, heart and soul.  How do our outer senses inform our inner world?  How do our inner elements guide us through change and challenge? In every way. This is what I am dedicated to help you navigate through.  The golden, yet at times, murky waters of time and space.  Let's make the most of it together, I am truly here for you with so much honor and gratitude.   Let’s talk about making your dreams a reality.