Self observation without judgment is the highest form of practice.
— Swami Kripalu

My name is Mary Wagstaff, I am a Mind Body Coach.

I hold space for people while we explore how to reduce occasional anxiety and depression created though limiting beliefs, buffering emotions with false pleasures and confusion of how to live an authentic life.

We look at the mind, body, heart and our truest essence to fully understand how to move forward with our goals and desires with unflinching faith in ourselves the process that is life.

The paradox of choice of this human experience is one that can create freeodom of limitless possibilities or confusion, doubt and worry.

I am here to help you set your ultimate intention for your life.

Define how do you want to be in the world, apply that to every situation, circumstance and action you take.

When you are crystal clear about your truest intentions for how you want to show up in life, your thoughts are created from a place of deep knowing rather than reacting to whatever life throws at you.

I know what it feels like to have a deep calling to make my life more meaningful, but not know which road to take. Always thinking if my circumstances changed, it would all be better. An idea so many of us tell ourselves over and over again until it becomes our belief system.

After many years of self study and mindfulness training, while still seeking for the answer outside, the pieces finally fell into place. I saw the pattern that no matter where I went or what changed in my life, I was always there, meeting myself exactly as I left. My circumstances changed, but my thoughts and beliefs stayed the same, limiting. After so much longing and searching I finally realized the only way to create true change and a sense of belonging was the journey further inward through deep inquiry and managing my mind.

I had many teachers along the way, but no one person to help guide me. I was left with my own inner resilience and deep connection to spirit. There were many times my hands were in the air, but I always knew there was more for me and I would live the life of my dreams, fully embodied. I am here to tell you, this change does not need to take years. I am not saying the road will be easy, but with help and the right tools, you can make active change now. I am here to guide you there.

I love working with people who are so ready to finally shine their inner essence into the world. To stop the rambling thoughts, sadness and worry by taking action toward long lasting rewards instead of false pleasures. And to find beauty and comfort in the experience of being full alive no matter what emotions show up.

I work with my clients remotely over the phone and in person for those who add more of a movement component to their coaching.

When you sign up for a mini session you will get a great sense of what a coaching session feels like with me and if we are a good fit. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping guide you on a successful journey forward where you are loving being fully you.