Yoga and fitness to me are about continuing to hold play as crucial to my survival.
I love listening and dancing  to music with my family and live at shows.  Hip-hop is an evolution that moves me. 
 Trees that tower over me deep in the woods make me calm, I love to be among them.  The ocean reminds me how small we are and to not take anything too seriously.  I love taking moon baths.  Bring me a flower and I'll be your friend for life.  Add a taco to that and see what happens. Mention a margarita and I may not leave your side.  Being with my people, taking care of my self to be able to take care of them is the most important thing to me  in the world.  I love a good kitty walk and coffee with foamed milk.  I eat eggs almost everyday.  I am currently learning how to remodel houses with my sweet heart. There's never enough time to read. 

As a practitioner and teacher of yoga for over 15 years, I have acquired a wide array of knowledge in various yoga styles, health and wellness modalities. The most concentrated portion of my studies took place at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts, one of the largest yoga and wellness centers in the world. It was there where I worked, lived, practiced, played and studied for two years under the supervision of their most senior teachers. 

I am continuously learning and seeking out new traditions of yoga, meditation, alternative health and physical fun. My mission is to guide students of all levels through an energetic, fun and transformative yoga and fitness experiance geared towards their goals and needs supported by self-inquiry, relaxation and healing.  I am here to create a space all feel safe and welcome in.

I have taught abroad as the resident teacher at one of Costa Rica’s leading yoga retreat Centers, as well as studios in vacation destinations in Mexico and Costa Rica.  I have also been blesses to travel across the county teaching yoga from the east coast to Colorado, all the way here to Portland.  My biggest passion when it comes to teaching, is my offering to members of the community that wouldn’t normally have access to yoga.  I have been a member of the Street Yoga community and now Living Yoga here in Portland since 2008.  These organizations provide classes to at-risk youth, and individuals facing adversity in our community.  I also teach chair yoga with local seniors in their community residence.  These are the classes that truly exemplify what the practice of yoga really means in our daily lives.  I have recently branched out with my offerings to incorporate a more dynamic fitness component to some of my yoga classes creating a full spectrum of fitness in one class experience and am currently building my holistic personal training business.

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