"I had such a great class with Mary! She talked through the flow very evenly, and thoroughly. Her transitions were smooth, and the class was the right mix of fun and challenging! Thanks Mary! I'll be back for more!"    -Cari M.  Portland, OR

"Mary is a wonderful generous soul that can provide the peaceful energy to disconnect from the rest of the chaos and offer you an opportunity to chill out and come to peace with yourself. Call her a healthy habit provider, if you will. Good stuff. "  Heather L. 

"taken a number of yoga classes from Mary and she does an excellent job. Great at talking participants through the moves as well as breathing techniques. Able to assess the level of skill in the participants. Very gentle manner about her and high level of experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her as an instructor. "  -Laurie G.

"Mary's energy radiates through her instruction to create a fun, warm, and challenging class. You will leave feeling inspired and loved!"  -Amalie U.

"Mary is a centered, creative and knowledgeable teacher. I love her classes, her descriptions and her energy." -Amy T.

“I really enjoy the class. It is a great combination of yoga inspired stretching and high intensity cardio. Each week is different which keeps it from being monotonous. Modifications are given to fit each person’s fitness level. Mary is a great instructor. I really appreciate her positivity.”  -Tia D

"Mary’s class infuses the best of working out; deep stretching and quick high intensity interval training. The class will leave you feeling more limber, sweating and relaxed upon completion. It is my favorite class at the Community Center." -Annie C.