What would it take…?


To find a deep connection to yourself and all of the ways you show up in the world that created a true sense of meaning, satisfaction and connection, becoming crystal clear on all of your goals and dreams?

To end the cycle of good enough and buffering emotions with drugs, alcohol, food and other false pleasures?

To have the tools to manage occasional depression and anxiety, putting you back in control of your life, living a life free of drama and excuses.

It would take showing up and getting very intimate with the workings of your own mind.

It would take becoming responsible for everything in your life and turning that responsibility into unlimited potential.

It would take creating a “life intention” of “how you want to be in the world”, that informs all of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Mind Body Coaching is the road to a new way of living.

We identify what your biggest obstacle is and work backward to determine the exact thoughts that define your problem.

I help you define your “life intention”, so there is no more guessing of what kind of thoughts to think when the outcome of how you want to be in the world is already decided on.

We take everything one step at a time so you become very comfortable with the power of the present moment and how much magic lies in being fully alive.

Mind Body Coaching gives you tools that work immediately, anywhere, anytime.

Once you start to take your power back by understanding your own mind and how to be in the present moment, much harder to get stuck in thought spirals.

Living a life fully embodied creates a deeper connection and meaning without changing and factors outside of yourself.

We start the process with a free mini session where I get to know your better in a 15-30 minute over the phone converstation. From there, you can decide if it’s a good fit to move forward and we can talk about questions or hesitations you may have. We keep the lines of communication open through email until you are ready to take the next step with regular coaching.

Click here to fill out the form to schedule a session, we will confirm via email an appointment time where you will call me. This should be a time when you can have privacy and not be distracted.

Making a phone appointment allows for so much more flexibility to make the first step forward possible. The phone also gives you more autonomy to just be as you are in the comfort of your own space. I am happy to answer any of your questions or concerns before we talk for our mini session.

"Mary is a wonderful generous soul that can provide the peaceful energy to disconnect from the rest of the chaos and offer you an opportunity to chill out and come to peace with yourself. Call her a healthy habit provider, if you will. Good stuff. "  Heather, Portland, OR