Urban Yoga Hike

Experience Portland like never before! 

Truly a one of a kind, transforming  experience in Portland.  Take your exploration and  workout outside for this urban adventure of hiking, yoga and fun.  A wonderful way to spend time with family, surprise someone with a unique gift or treat yourself to a solo adventure, while connecting with the beautiful nature of this magical city. There will be a guided hike to the top of the park, then we will make our way to a magical circle of evergreens for an all levels, 30-45 minute yoga practice.  We will walk through the historic reservoirs, peek through trees at views of Mt. Hood, explore an urban volcanic cone and awe at the city from a far.  We will meet at the SE Lincoln entrance of Mt. Tabor by the off leash dog area. Yoga mats available for use.

What is better than being outdoors any time of year in the pacific north west, breathing in the fresh air and connecting to nature? Doing it with a yoga practice to bring it all together, while your feet truly connecting to the earth.  You can experience the abundance of energy you will gain from this combination of activities right here in our own back yard.  Join me at Washington park or Mt Tabor for an, at your own level, hike and yoga class with beautiful scenery and breath taking views.  The trip will start with a sensory meditation and cues throughout the hike to keep tuning back in to the present experience and surroundings.  There will be a couple of stops to rest, breath into some poses and capture a few images with your minds eye or selfie with your phone.  A total trip last around 2 hours. It's a great way to motivate, take your practice off your mat, and share in a new experience with some familiar environments.  I invite suggestions for other destinations. 

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APRIL                                                                                                                                             FRIDAY 13th @ 9AM       SATURDAY 14th @ 9AM      SUNDAY 15th @ 9AM             MONDAY 16th @ 9AM

MAY                                                                                                                                                FRIDAY 4th @9AM       SATURDAY 5th @ 9AM     SUNDAY 6th @ 9AM                     MONDAY 7th @ 9AM     FRIDAY 11th @ 9AM     SATURDAY 12th @ 9AM                SUNDAY 13th  @ 9AM     MONDAY 14th @ 9AM     MONDAY 7th @ 9AM                  FRIDAY 18th @ 9AM       SATURDAY 19th @ 9AM      SUNDAY 20th @ 9AM            MONDAY 21st @ 9AM     FRIDAY 25th @ 9AM     SATURDAY 26th @ 9AM               SUNDAY 27th @ 9AM      MONDAY 28th @ 9AM

JUNE                                                                                                                                                           FRIDAY 1st @ 9AM     SATURDAY 2nd @ 9AM      SUNDAY 3rd @ 9AM                    MONDAY 4th @ 9AM     FRIDAY 8th @ 9AM     SATURDAY 9th @ 9AM                    SUNDAY 10th @ 9AM     MONDAY 11th @ 9AM     FRIDAY 15th @ 9AM             SATURDAY 16th @ 9AM      SUNDAY 17th @ 9AM     MONDAY 18th @ 9AM            FRIDAY 22nd @ 9AM     SATURDAY 23rd @ 9AM      SUNDAY 24th @ 9AM           MONDAY 25th @ 9AM     FRIDAY 29th @ 9AM     SATURDAY 30th @ 9AM      

JULY                                                                                                                                             SUNDAY 1st @ 9AM     MONDAY 2nd @ 9AM     FRIDAY 6th @ 9AM                    SATURDAY 7th @ 9AM      SUNDAY 8th @ 9AM     MONDAY 9th @ 9AM                   FRIDAY 13th @ 9AM      SATURDAY 14th @ 9AM      SUNDAY 15th @ 9AM           MONDAY 16th @ 9AM            

AUGUST                                                                                                                                                    FRIDAY 3rd @ 9AM     SATURDAY 4th @ 9AM      SUNDAY 5th @ 9AM                    MONDAY 6th @ 9AM     FRIDAY 10th @ 9AM     SATURDAY 11th @ 9AM                     SUNDAY 12th @ 9AM     MONDAY 13th @ 9AM     FRIDAY 17th @ 9AM              SATURDAY 18th @ 9AM      SUNDAY 19th @ 9AM     MONDAY 20th @ 9AM              FRIDAY 24th @ 9AM     SATURDAY 25th @ 9AM      SUNDAY 26th @ 9AM            MONDAY 27th @ 9AM     FRIDAY 31st @ 9AM