Intimacy Training Video #1: THOUGHTS

Intimacy is not just reserved for or significant other or sexual partner,

intimacy is a way we can create more meaning in our lives.

From the relationship with ourselves,

to the relationship we have with the barista we see every weekend.

Relationships are one of the biggest topics of discussion in Coaching and in life.

We put a lot of emphasis on them.

How they make us feel,

how they serve us,

how they change us,

how problematic they are.

What if I told you you could create more meaning, closeness and satisfaction in all of your relationships without anyone having to change yourself or anyone else.

This three part series give you all of the tools you need to change all of your relationships now.

In video one, I talk about having the awarenesses that the way you feel about a person is based on the way you think about them.

Easy peasy. Take some time to look at your closest relationships, the ones that are easy and the ones that challenge you. Notice the difference in your thoughts between them.

The other point is, don't change your thoughts based on how it does or doesn't benefit you, change your thoughts to be around what is amazing about the other person, what makes them unique? In what awesome ways do they contribute to the world?