Mind- Body Coaching


What is mind body coaching?  It is an evolutionary way to manage our ever changing lives.  In short, I am a life coach who incorporates body awareness and movement as a way to start to understand the mind better.  I assist in guiding people to measure their success in joy.  I use creative movement, mindful thinking techniques and everyday rituals to achieve this.  My mission is to create more peace in the world by helping people find more peace in their own lives. This also means navigating the sometimes murky waters of space and time. Every thought and feeling is a tool if you use it right.  I would love to help you discover where your joy lives and how to make it part of all you do, while having a blast in the process.  Thank you for being here,  Mary

My 8 week Mind Body Coaching 101 introductory course is the first step to take your life to the next level.

Week 1 Defining: What are you ready to grow or change?

Week 2 Thoughts: Observing, Allowing and redirecting

Week 3 Feelings: carrying your thoughts to life

Week 4 Action: so you may be seen

Week 5 Commitment: staying in the cycle of growth

Week 6 Tending: your roots that grow deeper

Week 7 Fertilize, your unlimited potential

Week 8 Celebrate: the life you have cultivated

"Mary is a wonderful generous soul that can provide the peaceful energy to disconnect from the rest of the chaos and offer you an opportunity to chill out and come to peace with yourself. Call her a healthy habit provider, if you will. Good stuff. "  Heather, Portland, OR

Mind Body Coaching, What You Can Expect:

*An opportunity for guided self inquiry.

*Understand your feelings and desires without judgment.

*Make long lasting changes to habits that no longer serve.

*Heal from the past by taking charge of the present.

*Ask the right questions to gain a better understanding of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

*Learn how to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

*Measure your success with joy.

*Tune into the bodies intuitive wisdom. You are your own best teacher, doctor  and lover.

*Make space in the body and mind for your truest desires to be heard and held.

* Cultivate a practice of everyday ritual as tool for self-empowerment and manifestation.

*Build confidence through strength and flexibility. 

*Utilize practices of mindfulness and sacred guidance to serve your personal and creative growth.

* Feel heard, held and supported in a safe space where your laughter and tears are welcome exactly as they are. 

*Let your rhythm shine, let’s dance!