How do you want to be in the world?

Seeing and being seen continued: How do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Our circumstances don’t define who we are, we choose to allow them to shift our thoughts and feelings.  Is it possible to show up in every situation as the person you want to be in this moment and in the next regardless of your circumstances? What’s getting in your way? Is it another person? Situation?

Imagine a situation that usually triggers you to think in a way that causes negative emotions or reactive behavior. Now imagine that same situation where everything plays out exactly as you would ideally want it to. Visualize the characters involved, the setting, the conversation, any detail you can. How would you be in this ideal situation? What are all the best parts of you that would be honest, kind, present, helpful? Now imagine a future where ever situation is just like that, your ideal circumstance. You already know how you are going to show up: Shining. if you are by your self and no one is around and you are setting up your own circumstances, are you acting in this ideal way? Can what you Think be enough to sustain your unflinching ability to be in control of you no matter what or who shows up in your life. Why does someone else get to decide how you feel? They don’t.

Practice this: you get to be the person you want to be in every moment regardless of what you are doing. Our circumstances don’t define us, intact they are just tools to use to continue to evolve into a fuller version of our truest nature.

What are you thinking?

As the outer landscape continues to fade and the days grow shorter and cooler,  the inner world becomes quiet and softer.  When the body starts to slow down, the mind had a couple options, wander else where, or find the same stillness.  The ability for self inquiry can become more available at this slower pace. If we don't stop to pause to recognize the tools, skills and bounty we have already grown, will never become fully realized.  We will quickly move on to the first option of the mind, peace out and start planning the next best thing.  Goals are great, they are what keep us growing and discovering our unlimited potential, but we must tap into our creative wisdom to see what all of the resources we already own,  mixed with our true essence will produce.   This is what Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School calls passive VS. massive action.  Will we just keep creating goals that don't really produce results, but just knowledge gained, making us think we have actually done something? Or, will we put in the work, get vulnerable and show up to see what our true creative potential is? Most of us interested in self inquiry know we must take action to reach our goals, the work must come from inside, no one can do it for us. We want to take action to live our dreams but can't  seem to get our from behind all of those self help books we've been reading.  And that's okay.  However, if you are interested in creating the life of your dreams, you need to at least start to ask the questions, why am I scared to be seen?  It's the perfect time of year to take some inventory of all you have grown and been storing in the cellar, not just this year, but your divine wellspring of knowledge from your entire life.  

Everyday ritual prompt:Take some quiet time for a writing reflection. 1) What is that one thing you have been waiting to do for so long, but everything seems to keep stopping you from doing so?  This can be anything from reading a book to launching a business.  There are no rules, it's just about your hearts longing that has yet to be fulfilled. 2) What are all of the thoughts surrounding the reason that this is not part of your current circumstance?  Don't censor your self, just keep free writing your thoughts. 3) Take the time to read each one once you are finished writing.  4) Next to the thought, write down how that thought makes you feel, what emotion is present. It can be the same emotion for many thoughts. 5) Now, from a place of reflection and openness, can you rewrite any thought that did not produce a positive emotion with a thought that will.  If any of your thoughts are based on circumstances that involve others changing, through those out.  We can't change other people.  We do not want our thoughts based on the actions of others.  We have to take control, with or with our people in our lives changing.
Once you answer these questions on paper, just a few moment for some deep breathing with your eyes closed.  If your body wants to move, let it go. This is just the beginning of taking control of your life.

Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow

The amazing part of being human is our ability to step into the seat of witness consciousness. It is not something we are taught in school, or even by our parents, at least not in those terms. The opportunity to pay attention to our wandering thoughts and emotions that often times seem to take over, is one we fall short of taking advantage of most of the time. In my opinion, there are no emotions we have that are bad, they are part of our experience because they inform us about what is going on with how we are relating to our circumstances and our higher self. They should not be ignored, dismissed or put down. It is hard not to take our adverse emotions personally, but don’t! Your thoughts and emotions are tools, they are not the essence of your being. When we practice observation without judgment, we strengthen the muscle of pause.

The cornerstone of the Kriplau tradition of yoga I studied, is self-study. This technique I am about to teach you, is an amazing tool, meditation or mantra. Use it how ever you like to. In my “Dig Deeper” video, I guide you through the process as a meditation with additional cues.

Prompt: Next time you are experiencing anxiety, depressive feelings, self doubt, limiting beliefs or another emotion or thought that you would like to shift into something different, try this:

Find a quiet comfortable seat.

Take serval long, slow, deep breaths.

Repeat the five main key words to your self and take several breaths between each one.

It’s not enough to just to say the words but you need to shift your perspective to fully engage in each one. This will change your life if you use it.

BREATHE: notice the sensations of your breath, the rise and fall of the belly and chest, the stretching of the body. from the inside out.

RELAX: Lean back into the space behind you a little, soften any parts of the body you are holding, let go of tension.

FEEL: Notice sensations in the body and your senses.

WATCH: Tune into the witness consciousness. The ability to see your self just as you are right now.

ALLOW: As you deepen into that witness perspective, simply let your thoughts and emotions be what they are. They wash over you just like a wave and before you know it, it shifts.

When you first start this practice, go through the process several times. I suggest doing it as a morning meditation, that way it will become familiar to you when you need to call on it in a time where stuff maybe coming up, you will be able to access it more easily.

I am so excited to offer this tool to you. It is such a powerful way to take control of any situation you find your self in. Problems are only problems if we believe they are. With attention and action you can change the way you feel and think by paying attention. Keep up the good work and let me know if you would like to connect to gain some more insight and knowledge into this type of self inquiry. I would love to work with you.


The cooler weather here in Portland and in many places across the US is a welcomed shift. Not only does it feel good on the skin, giving us a little more desire to venture outside, but it feels like the senses have been refreshed.  In grade school we are taught about our five senses and all of the work they do for us, however,  in my experience, we never talked about the other sense inside, the feltsenses.  These are the senses we tune into when we make decisions that invoke emotion.  The ones that help us understand the difference between desires and shoulds. They inform us of dangers and situations that do not serve us. This internal navigation system also keeps us motivated when we are living the life where we measure our successes in how tangibly joyful we feel.  

How does a shift in weather allow us to experience these senses on a heightened level? By connecting with the natural world around us more and being present with the changes experienced by the external senses, we have made room in the present moment to pause.  To breathe, relax, feel, watch and allow, as they encourage in the Kripalu tradition of yoga I studied.  We can make the most of these quieter, cooler moments by reflecting on the hotter months.  What happened?  What was joyous and what didn't feel great? What did you set out to do that you totally rocked?  What about all the adventures?  The smiles on the faces of your community?  The hard work?  The long days of reading?  The outdoor wonder and awe?  The amazing dinner parties? The first and even the lasts? If we take time during moments of change to reflect on the past, it gives us a great measure of how amazing our lives are right now, and also, what we can leave behind.  It puts the summer that seemed to slip by in the blink of eye into a better perspective; all of your fun and travel efforts were not in vain!  I guarantee, you accomplished way more than you even thought was possible. Want to turn your everyday routines into rituals? My sacred Movement class Mind Body Ritual will guide you to open to more joy. 

Everyday Ritual Prompt:  With a pen and paper, at home or in an outdoor space you frequent, take your shoes off.  Go outside, take a wide stance and feel the earth under your feet.  Notice what you feel (dirt, rocks, grass, heat, wet, etc...). Then go for a little walk.  What do you see?  How do things look different than they did at the beginning of the summer, how does it feel different to your inner and outer sense?  Then take a seat.  Write those observations down.  Now on to you;  what were your top 10 achievements? Go big and small and celebrate each one. Visualize how they made you feel.  What did you learn about your self that you didn't think you knew? What was your biggest obstacle that got in the way of fulfilling all you set out to do?  What can you rearrange so that in the coming season these obstacles will not be an issue.  Close your eyes take five deep breaths.  Hooray!  You were able to sit in the center of change, experience equanimity and allow it to happen without attachment.  Now you never have to be a victim to change, you can simple make the decisions to tap in to your inner compass and ask your self, what will bring me the most long-lasting felt sense of joy.   You've got this!  Let's chat about Mind-Body Coaching.  It's such am accessible and fun way to actualizing your dreams.  

Strike a pose for the change

Strike a pose for the change

Ayurvedic medicine, a sister science to yoga, is steeped at it’s roots, of connection to the seasons and the world around us.  Fall, to me, always feels like a more dramatic shift than other seasons, but a comforting one.  A deep catharsis where you can feel great about staying inside all day, being quiet and a morning rain is welcomed with open arms.  

Not only does Ayurveda tell us it is important to pay attention to the food we consume as the seasons shift, but our sleep patterns and body movements as well.  For this reason, I picked a pose to practice for the month of October that helps with lung and vital organ purification, as well as rejuvenation for the spine.  Getting a nice squeeze and a ringing out, might be just what the doctor ordered as we transition from full light, to more dark.  

Ardha Matsyendrasana | Half Lord of the Fishes Pose:
A seated spinal twist, deemed as one of the most important of the Hatha yoga postures for it’s ability to stimulate the kundalini energy stored in the base of the spine.  Something that might come in handy on a cold, rainy day.  So if your feeling cranky in your body or soul, make your self a nice cup of ginger tea, take a seat, get twisted and breathe deep.  And…come join us for yoga class Friday mornings as we explore this pose and it’s variations.  @ Home Grown Fit.

Hindu mythology and lore is very fun, if you are interested in the philosophy of this pose, here is a good article: